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  • Rachel Dares

Battling Forces To Save Mankind: Jonathan Gatsby

Esteemed publisher and author of the thrilling new fantasy novel in a series of seven, “The Beasts And The 4 Demigods”, Jonathan Gatsby takes us on a journey into our ancient past and weaves a suspenseful tale of the fallen angels and their struggle for dominion over Earth. With the balance of human civilization in the throes, an unlikely group of humans are put to the ultimate test of their powers, endowed by the Creator, to battle the dark forces and save mankind. In anticipation of his June 1 release, we took a moment to learn more about the motivation behind his passion to create a story of such epic proportion and a glimpse into the life of a budding publisher eager to show other authors the keys to a successful career as a writer.

Growing up in a strict Baptist household of 10 siblings, Jonathan was introduced to the word by his father, a pastor in the church and would become an ordained Reverend minister by the age of 23. He developed a strong sense of right and wrong from a very young age that got him into trouble when he fought for those that couldn’t stand up for themselves. It was while serving detention for protecting a friend from a bully that Jonathan would be introduced to Harry Potter and spark an interest in fantasy fiction that would evolve into a writing career. An avid piano and drum player, Jonathan went on to pen several love ballads and Christian songs before focusing all his time and talent on becoming a best-selling author and owner of his castle, Gatsby & Noel Publishing.

Currently, the preacher turned publisher is entertaining offers to turn the series into a movie while he develops his next book and presents the next generation of literary talent through his growing publishing group. Interested in pursuing your passion to be an author? Find out more at

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