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  • Rachel Dares

The Man Behind NoHo CineFest: Gustavo Sampaio

Meet Gustavo Sampaio, award-winning editor, independent filmmaker and founder of NoHo CineFest, North Hollywood’s premiere indie film festival. While attending Penn State to pursue a filmmaking degree, Gustavo got his first break in television as an associate producer for ESPN. With his sheer will compelling him to achieve greater, he began teaching himself the illustrious craft of video editing and moved to California for an opportunity to produce live broadcasts internationally on FOX Sports.

After hundreds of successful shows on FOX, Gustavo joined CBS for an opportunity to combine his passion for storytelling with his innate talent as an editor and has won multiple awards for his exemplary work in investigative news and special reports. In a highly competitive industry, Gustavo has been a sought after figure in post production working with Entertainment Tonight and The Insider daily shows and premiere events like the Oscars and Golden Globes. Facebook even hired him to edit the now famous ‘Community Voices’ campaign that has generated millions of views worldwide.

Approaching its 6th year, NoHo CineFest exemplifies Gustavo’s create an event that brings together the vibrant indie film community in North Hollywood to celebrate the achievements and aspirations of the next generation of storytellers. Producing several shorts of his own, Gustavo weaves his background in crime stories and passion for the greater good to tell an enlightening story of a young woman that uses her super powers to combat human trafficking, with plans to develop it into a television series.

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