Introducing Candidate for California Governor, Major Williams

Major Williams is a born leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and history that tells the story of the American dream time and time again.  Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Major grew up in a single-parent home with his mother and three sisters. At the age of 13, Major started his first business, using an old lawnmower to visit neighbors one at a time until he was the leader of a landscaping company with several employees and many clients. Throughout his life, his determination and intense focus on attaining goals and bettering communities has driven him to success in a multitude of disciplines.

As a highly accomplished student and an outstanding athlete, Major reached one academic achievement after the other. In 1996, he attended Trinity Valley Community College where he studied communications and media. He later transferred to Louisiana Tech University, where he stood out as an innovator and was celebrated for his excellent debating skills, with a tremendous debate record of 21-2 over the course of two years. A few years later, Major attended Eastfield College, where he concluded his college basketball career to pursue a life of public service.

In 2001, Major moved to California where he met his wife, Aja, who he considers as his strongest pillar of support and most trusted advisor. Aja, an entrepreneur in her own right, has built businesses in the arts while raising their three sons -  Kahlo (9,) Lord (4,) and York (1.)  Together, they spend countless hours discussing their community, the state of California, and the world at large - constantly looking for ways to help families throughout the nation. Major Kicks for Kids (formerly Fly Kicks for Kids) is a non-profit gifting platform that the dynamic duo works tirelessly to build with the goal of helping economically

disadvantaged kids succeed in life and pursue their dreams. “My goal is to provide resources in education, materials, and psychological/emotional support to the youth as we build a new generation of entrepreneurs,” says Major. Other projects of Major’s include a tiny home property development in Texas which he established for his mother and sisters and a media company.  

For the past 10 years, Major has been politically active, engaging in community outreach and speaking at town halls. After extensively connecting with voters and learning their frustrations, Major shifted his focus in 2018 to run for Mayor of Pasadena, California. He produced the entire campaign single-handedly and found great success and support in the community, although found that he did not quite reach the fundraising mark that allowed his marketing outreach to compete with the well-funded competition. With such incredible experience and a solid policy foundation, Major thereafter established and chaired

the New California Governor Committee, which finds and vets potential candidates for governor of California. Ironically, Major was overwhelmingly encouraged by the majority of people involved in the committee to run for governor. He has used the depth of experience he has collected to build a 5-star team that will support him in the race for Governor of the great State of California 2022.

As governor, Major intends to restore the essence of what California truly is and address policy that will make life in California the best it can be for all citizens. “We need someone in office that thinks differently in order to solve complex issues. As we run this campaign, it is our goal to educate the public on the depth of policy that has been passed so that they may see for themselves all of the details and caveats which have slowly eroded our autonomy and freedom as individuals. We will make policy with the best interests of the public in mind and not pander to the big pharma and other industries that now have their hands in the pockets of our politicians.” As a successful entrepreneur, Major has the ability to effectively

reform our institutions, create jobs, and make California a better place to live. “I have the unique ability to walk into a room of a variety of ethnicities and political party affiliations and gain consensus through conversation.” Under his leadership, Major Williams will bridge the divide between Californians, guide them to the right path, and usher the State to a new bright future.

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