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Digital Marketing Services


Social Media Management

Social media is not an option these days, it's everything if you want to get in front of the public's eye. At Rachel Dares PR, we know social! Let us help you build a following, engage and convert your target audience!

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Social Media Advertising

Rachel Dares PR can help grow your career or business with creative ad campaigns on Search (Google Shopping, Ads) Display and Social Media. We also specialize in retargeting campaigns so that our clients are always top of mind when potential customers come across their brand online!

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Email Marketing

Conversion-rate optimization is the key to success. With a team of conversion experts at your disposal, we can create copies that convert and optimize your email campaigns so you see higher open rates than ever before!

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Website Development & Design

How is your website these days? Outdated, dusty, static? Your website should be eye-catching, mobile-friendly, and interactive. Let us build you a custom website that makes you stand out! Coupled with copywriting that's relevant, original, and inviting. Driving traffic to your site that delivers results!  Our team will determine designs and platforms based on your needs and industry.

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Brand Development

Unsure about your brand identity? At Rachel Dares PR, we help to create the perfect message and brand image through a branding kit. A branding kit is an informative yet quick, digestible guide to your brand’s visual identity. We put together well-defined logos, colors, and fonts that can be used to effortlessly get your overall brand message across; an all-encompassing, unified representation of you/your company, your values, mission, and vision.

The branding kit will include a variety of tools to cohesively create a perceived professional image. It is a resource guide that includes all the details of your brand identity.


Influencer Marketing

Whether it's a fashionista, professional athlete, or beauty blogger; at Rachel Dares PR we identify, reach out, and secure the right influencers to represent or endorse our clients' brands.

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