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Public Relations Services

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EPK/ Press Kit

A "traditional" bio is like a boring photo. It lacks interest, luster. It fails to captivate and hold the imagination of the reader. An EPK must be designed to market you emotionally, intellectually, and visually. EPK's are tailored to enchant the reader with the possibilities and realities of the magic that is YOU. A professional, well-crafted one-sheet/EPK commands attention, engages the reader, encourages interest, and captivates. As a public figure or brand, consistency of language that describes you or your brand in the EPK creates a place within consumers that allow images and beliefs without conversation to them directly. Readers tend to repeat the cadence of the language and the pairing of the words as outlined in your bio. When word pairing is attached to your image, your brand becomes etched in the reader's mind. Influence comes in words describing you, your actions, and your brand. If it's the influence you seek, express your brand through a compelling EPK and a strategy to build cognitive triggers and expectations. Impact the way people think of you as carefully as you design your message. It starts with the one-sheet/EPK.
Let RACHEL DARES PR fashion your image as you want to be seen.


Press Coverage

Getting the right exposure is not a matter of chance!

We get you in the right place at the right time!
PR exposure guaranteed!

From the best red carpet events to getting on the right media outlets. We target your specific audience across designated venues, events & platforms to increase the visibility and awareness of your brand.


Podcast PR

Podcasts now reach over 100 million Americans every month. Podcasts offer a great opportunity for conversations related to specific industries that target your ideal audience with so many people listening. Rachel Dares PR will help you become the sought-after expert resource in your field by securing podcast interviews enabling you to tell your brand story, grow your audience and build a brand community for your business.

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Music PR

From Artist branding/development, playlisting services, music reviews, radio promotion, production services, single/album release, music video promotion, live streaming (virtual concerts), booking, and merchandising...we have a proven track record in marketing signed & independent artists and propelling their careers to the next level.
Available in a la carte service or an all-inclusive full-blown PR package.

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