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Our Services

Rachel Dares PR is a full-service public relations agency. Made up of four central departments, each run by a specialist and their team, we offer digital marketing, public relations, media production, and event planning. Read more about the services provided under each department page.

Public Relations

Media coverage is essential to reaching new markets, as well as staying on top of mind. Target audience, build trust and credibility, increase engagement and conversion through 3rd party press coverage endorsements.


Digital Marketing

An online presence is not an option, it's a necessity in today's digital landscape. From social media to your website, it's all about front-of-mind branding. Our team does it all and more!

Media Production

Media production is an essential component of any successful business. Media production consists of creating audio-visual products like music videos, commercials, and audio and video content for television, radio, social media, and online formats. At Rachel Dares PR, we have an in-house team that covers all your media production needs.

Image by Jakob Owens
Red Carpet

Event Planning

Rachel Dares PR can help you create a buzz of excitement for your upcoming event, increase attendance, and secure high-quality sponsors. Whether it is an album release party, charity event, or grand opening celebration--we do full event planning, and coordination as well as secure top-tier partnerships that will help increase our client's public image and build brand awareness in order to drive revenue and generate media coverage.

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