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Dr. Emma Wagner: The Body Whisperer Transforming Holistic Healthcare

Dr. Emma Wagner, known as "The Body Whisperer," is a distinguished chiropractor and holistic health advocate at San Clemente Vitality. With over two decades of experience alongside her husband, Dr. Burton Wagner, she passionately promotes a healthy, active lifestyle through an integrative approach combining chiropractic care, energy medicine, functional medicine, and nutritional coaching.

A Journey of Discovery and Healing

Born in Alegria, Dr. Emma was introduced to medicine early on by her father, a medical doctor in the French army. At 14, she suffered from chronic headaches and initially turned to prescription medication. However, seeking a more holistic solution, she explored homeopathic medicine with her mother and discovered the power of energy healing. This pivotal experience led her to chiropractic care, where she learned about the body's innate ability to heal and self-regulate.

Dr. Emma's chiropractic journey began in Paris and continued at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, where she met her husband. Together, they relocated to France and established a successful practice before returning to the United States in 2013 to continue their work in holistic healthcare.

Innovative Practices and Techniques

At San Clemente Vitality, Dr. Emma and Dr. Burton employ a diverse range of techniques, including Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), which focuses on promoting self-healing through gentle spinal adjustments. They also integrate additional tools such as essential oils, natural living, and energy healing to support their patients' overall well-being.

Their dedication to holistic care led to the creation of the Brain Learning Strategies for Success (BLISS) program, inspired by ADHD Wellness Expert Yannick Pauli, DC. This program helps children with ADHD and other developmental disorders achieve better brain function and balance.

San Clemente Vitality: A Haven for Healing

Founded in 2018, San Clemente Vitality is built on the five pillars of health: mindset, nutrition, brain/nervous system, environment/toxicity, and purpose/emotions. The center offers services such as holistic chiropractic care, genetic nutrition, and energy healing. Advanced therapies include ionic foot baths, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, infrared saunas, and Healy bio-energetic therapy.

Each patient begins their journey with an initial consultation and holistic evaluation, allowing the Wagners to develop a personalized treatment plan aimed at addressing root causes and promoting overall health and vitality.

A Legacy of Holistic Health

Dr. Emma Wagner's career is a testament to her commitment to holistic health, bridging the gap between traditional medicine and chiropractic care. Her work emphasizes the importance of respecting and nurturing the body, mind, and soul to achieve optimal well-being.

For more insights into Dr. Emma's approach to holistic health, explore her book, "Shattering Habits," which provides practical steps to break self-limiting habits and connect with your best self.

Discover the transformative power of holistic healthcare at San Clemente Vitality. Visit []( to learn more.

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