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Introducing Jonathan Gatsby, Author of The Beasts and the 4 Demigods

Jonathan Gatsby is an esteemed publisher and an American author best known for his Young Adult Fantasy series, “The Wars Between Angels & Gods”.

He was born on August 4th, 1984. He was raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and Stockton, California. Stemming from a challenging childhood, young Jonathan experienced many hardships. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and was surrounded by gang violence and crime.

Jonathan’s interest in literature sparked early in his life. Reading fiction was a way for him to escape from the harsh realities of life and find solace. He regards his elementary school teachers as major influences in his life. They introduced him to classic children’s books such as The Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Sign of the Beaver, Johnny Tremain, and The Indian in the Cupboard.

When he was 17, he got into a brawl at school, which resulted in him serving detention at the Fairbanks Youth Facility. He developed a strong sense of right and wrong from a very young age that got him into trouble when he fought for those that couldn’t stand up for themselves. It was while serving detention for protecting a friend from a bully that Jonathan would be introduced to Harry Potter and spark an interest in fantasy fiction.

After finishing Harry Potter, Jonathan remembered thinking, “If I can escape my grim reality by reading other people’s books, how much more if I wrote a series myself?” Realizing that fact, Jonathan began creating his own fantasy worlds, that would soon evolve into his writing career.

The first book that Jonathan published was World War III. During that time, Jonathan faced many challenges with the publisher. So, to avoid running into the same situation, he took matters into his own hands and delved deep into the world of book publishing. He, then launched Gatsby & Noel Publishing to also help aspiring authors publish their books.

While studying Archaeology at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Jonathan found himself drawn to ancient mythology and religions. Described as a gentle romance and an epic adventure story, The Beasts and the 4 Demigods is the first of a series, The Wars between Angels & Gods, follows a diverse group of characters as they discover their mythological heritage and go to battle with the feared and ruthless gods on behalf of the angels. In this series, 4 teenagers delve into the history of mythologies, the complexities of relationships, the struggles of being different, and the alarmingly similar ground on which different religions are forged.

Jonathan’s religious upbringing also inspired many of his writings. He infuses biblical elements of angels and demons and combines them with deities from various civilizations creating a literary thriller.

While Jonathan dedicates most of his time to writing his next masterpiece, he is also an entrepreneur and a skilled musician. He has owned several successful businesses, such as a piano school and a boxing gym.

Currently, Jonathan is entertaining offers to turn his Fantasy series into a movie while he develops his next book and present the next generation of literary talents through his growing publishing group.

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