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Introducing Steve Clayton

Entrepreneur Steve Clayton is known for being the man who can put together any event to the highest caliber. As CEO and owner of SoundSkilz, he has worked on world renowned events such as High Times’ Cannabis Cup, Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign, Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards, Chalice Festival, and the San Diego Fair to name a few. Many events, drawing thousands of attendees and racking up profit and prestige for clients, have awarded him the reputation as the go-to expert in curating experience, call-to-action, interactive marketing, and tradition for both brands and their supporters.

A formative expert on festival development, he is co-owner of the Roots on 66 Festival and the Neon Run. His expertise has developed w w w . i a m s t e v e c l a y t o n . c o m w w w . s o u n d s k i l z . c o m algorithmic strategy in factoring staffing, logistics, infrastructure and event layout. With 18 years of event strategy and development, he is often sought after as the lead developer or go-to consultant for projects both nationally and throughout the world.

Steve Clayton’s drive to create events that propel economic conversion for companies and memorable experiences for consumers stems from his love of service, education, and coaching. As an educator, Clayton taught public school and coached basketball for several years before realizing that his innovative organization and leadership was best suited to develop not just students into adults, but young and fresh companies into standouts in their respective markets. “There's value in having learned from the past, as well as having strategic foresight," he says, "I know how to streamline processes, to manage systems efficiently, and to look outside the box. It is a vital benefit I can impart to guide the next generation of entrepreneurs based on refined experience.”

Bridging both his ability to create exclusive, stand-out events and his incredible talents as coach and mentor, Steve Clayton’s current project consulting for Salute the Troops has him developing and preparing large events for American servicemen in both New Jersey and San Diego in 2020. Additionally, he is working with Boots in the Park and High Tide Festival for upcoming country & reggae music festivals.

Based in California, Steve Clayton is no stranger to consistent travel schedules, but maintains his deep family bond and values through designated family time. While he curates pop-culture history, his wife and children live on a beautiful farm where they instill work ethic through caring for their many horses, donkeys, and dogs. “We have instilled this sense of hard work in our daughters, that doing something with purpose will be rewarding and lead to positive outcomes.”

Steve reckons that taking risks and doing what you love is the essence of success. Through his many projects and their unique ups and downs, he has acquired a mindset where positive thinking always prevails. “You need to make sure that you are learning from any difficulty that may arise,” he explains, “you can turn what may be a momentary failure into an ultimate success by safeguarding the future against challenge that was.”

A business consultant and executive coach, public speaker, entrepreneur, and renowned event creator, Steve Clayton is the authority on turning imagination and drive into dollars. He has built a reputation of consistent success, innovation, and expertise, which leaves companies and clients with the same positive mindset that he applies to each of his undertakings. His final thought? “Some people are blessed in their life to find a career they are passionate about, and while I’ve been fortunate to love what I do, the best part is to be able to share it with other people.”

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