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Not Your Average Doc: Meet Dr. Antonio Harrison

Meet Dr. Antonio Harrison...a devoted father, graduate school professor, varsity football coach, published author and behavior scientist that is giving parents and young fathers a new mindset about raising children today. His combination of charisma, compassion and casualness are a refreshing approach from the doctor with the tie, fancy suit, luxury car, and life experience of normalcy. Dr. Harrison is the doctor who is fully tatted, dresses like you, sounds like you and has been through what you have. Growing up among a generation and culture that saw many fathers absent in their child’s life due to dependency, incarceration, or simply leaving the home gave Dr. Harrison a drive to not follow the same path. He excelled early at swimming, basketball, track and played football as a 4-year starter in NCAA for Grinnell College where he earned All-Conference and Freshman Athlete of the Year. He was always in search of a competitive edge and understands the opponent which offered the perfect opportunity to apply his interest in observing people. After a devastating knee injury, he turned his focus to education and received a BA in Psychology, then graduate school to pursue a Masters & Ph.D in Behavior Analysis. Behavior management and psychology is not his choice of words. Instead, Dr. Harrison prefers to be called a Behavior Scientist which suggest more than just managing or analyzing behavior. His goal is to connect with fathers and parents all over the world to give them someone real they can learn from and share with, to better their life and the lives of their children, family, friends and community as a whole. Besides currently coaching football, he teaches graduate school for two universities, hosts a YouTube show / podcast called Doc’s Daily Dose For Dads offering young fathers advice and examples of positive masculinity they can foster and pass on to their children. He is the owner / founder of Renaissance Behavior LLC, and is currently working on a “podbook,” giving lectures and talks, providing workshops for Fathers and Sons. His next goal is to create a retreat and build a facility of resources for fathers of all ages and their children to engage and evolve together.

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