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On a Mission to Better Sleep: Corbin Cowan

Renowned business development expert, Corbin Cowan is a multifaceted strategist and entrepreneur known for building lasting and profitable entities across a multitude of sectors. He currently serves as the VP of Business Development for Vivos Therapeutics - a revolutionary treatment protocol that is the first of its kind proven to have lasting effects in illuminating and reducing many of the symptoms of mild to moderate sleep apnea. “Our vision is to enable clinicians to rid the world of obstructive sleep apnea. We accomplish our mission by collaborating with physicians, dentists, chiropractors and myofunctional therapists, etc. to develop the very best therapeutic protocols and treatment options for patients who suffer from sleep disordered breathing, including mild-to-moderate sleep apnea,” says Cowan.

Vivos Therapeutic approaches sleep apnea with a unique platform of encompassed understanding, one of a kind technology, and a will to positively change the lives of people of all ages throughout the world suffering on a nightly basis. Sleep apnea knows no boundaries, ruefully tormenting the masses with all the side effects of a continuous lack of rest and inadequate oxygen flow including but not limited to behavioral problems, mental side effects such as dementia, heart conditions, fibromyalgia, and weight gain. Solving the airway-sleep-breathing problem on a global scale could result in significant cost savings across the entire healthcare spectrum. It has the potential to reduce the effects of common chronic health concerns and change the lives of millions of people of all ages who suffer from compromised airway, sleep and breathing issues. Cowan is set to potentially deliver life changing treatment for sleep apnea in the form of the Vivos System which is currently being taught to sleep specialists throughout the country, offering the world relief from lifelong dependency on bulky CPAP machines.

Cowan strives to promote diverse growth while building successful teams that continually deliver. He explains, “Having a thorough understanding to the fact that you can’t be the best at everything and building a group of experts that can help you accomplish the goals of your business,” creates a successful entrepreneur. This understanding of structural organization has contributed and benefited the many businesses under Cowan’s leadership, and sequentially produced over $100 million transactions for entities under his guidance.

Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Cowan serves as the CEO of Fast Plastic Parts, President of Strategic Equity Partners, Co-Founder of CXO Collective and CEO of C&J Exploration. Cowan is also part of the Pitch Tank, a Shark Tank style event hosted and presented by the Angel’s Network. He’s teamed up with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on Shark Tank and the founder of As Seen on TV. Cowan is heralded as a great resource in venture capital, a golf enthusiast and the ultimate family man - married 17 year to his wife Dawn with three beautiful daughters.

At the forefront of the breathing wellness movement led by Vivos Therapeutics, Cowan is in the process of building an integrated network of dentists and doctors who desire to affect an everlasting impact on their patients’ journey in curing sleep apnea. He is creating centers throughout the country focused on the re-education and treatment of sleep apnea, designed to give patients outlets of support and relief. Mr. Cowan, a globally recognized force in business development, is set to positively impact the lives and families of over 18 million Americans, and for this we thank him.

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