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  • Rachel Dares

Emerging Pop Sensation, Hitha!

Alluring sonic waves surround the backdrop of Hitha’s enchanting, tenderhearted timbre; encountering her sound not only satisfies the ears, but the soul. This young singer and multi-instrumentalist blends her familial classical Indian milieu with American pop creating a sound seldom heard. But this singer isn’t just saccharine bubblegum pop, Hitha labels her music and songwriting as, “fine art inspiration for the younger generations, songs that are full of raw emotion and a determined spirit to be genuine.” Hitha draws her inspiration from her surroundings, her interactions, and complete life experience, identifying her family as the number one support system and importance in her life. “We like to spend time together; we communicate about everything,” she explains.

After the success of her debut single, “Standing Up with Pride” a single that addresses the overwhelming demands of teenagers, Hitha followed-up with another single “Special,” a love story in honor of her late grandmother with whom she spent countless hours of her childhood singing, dancing and storytelling. The song is intended to celebrate those special people in your life, whether friends, family or partners – while also serving as a message to teens that their opinions matter. Hitha savors the beautiful simplicity in life which can be heard echoing throughout her music. From her Indian influenced melodies to the lush colorful instrumentals it’s all there in her latest single, “Special.”

Hitha is dubbed as one of the female artists globally changing the music scene in 2019. If she’s not practicing her numerous instruments, she’s shattering stereotypes about young women. “The youth are the future,” says Hitha, “and the world would do well to listen to the opinions of the younger generations.” This fierce independence materializes through her many academic accomplishments where her artistry runs tandem with her love for math and science. What does this artist hope you take away from her music? This 14-year-old artist strives “to give young teens a voice” through her inspirational music and the courage to tackle any difficulty that may present itself. Hitha is a name that will be known to the masses in only a matter of time.

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