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  • Rachel Dares

Award Winning Artist & Teen Activist, Hitha Announces Her New Single Release, "Forever"

Award winning artist and teen activist Hitha is back with new music. Her new single “Forever” will be available on all streaming platforms on June 3rd. “Forever” is the first single featured on Hitha’s highly anticipated self-produced album, FOREVER. Her full album is slated for release July 8, 2022.

Hitha’s upcoming single “Forever” is a tribute to her father, an expression of the everlasting love between a daughter and her dad; a special bond that transcends time and distance, providing the sense of security and acceptance in their journey through life. Hitha expresses the beautiful connection they have in her new song. "Forever” is a heartfelt, introspective track showcasing a daughter’s genuine love and appreciation to her doting father through sweet-sounding melody, moving lyrics, and distinct instrumentation.

From the opening moments of this song, you are welcomed into Hitha's own thoughts and feelings about a special person in her life… her father. The track begins with Hitha’s voice echoing "I love you" through a harmonious melody before delivering what will become known as the overall theme, a loving message from a daughter dedicated to her dad. The message is delivered through a rhythmic, catchy, pop beat and powerful vocals from Hitha. The new single will be followed by a music video soon afterwards, just in time for Father’s Day, June 19, 2022.

“Forever” is the perfect song for daughters to celebrate and pay tribute to their fathers. A gift to all fathers or father figures in your life who have been there for you unconditionally.

Hitha is a world-renowned musician, who inspires with her authentic music and uplifting message. Hitha is "the voice of her generation". Her music is empathic to all people. Her music is simple, yet powerful. It inspires hope and confidence and encourages self-love by living life unapologetically while maintaining compassion towards oneself and others alike.

Connect with HITHA on Instagram, follow her on Spotify, and visit for all her latest updates.

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