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  • Rachel Dares

Cartune TV Network Launches New Wholesome Kids Channel on Roku & Amazon Fire TV

Joining the ranks of other streaming channels, Cartune TV Network will launch a new channel on Roku & Amazon Fire TV dedicated to safe, wholesome, woke-free kids’ entertainment. The family-friendly, kid-friendly channel will feature their original cartune series, The Adventures of Jingle King & The Notes, as the anchor, prime time show that showcases the power of music carefully curated for children with positive family edutainment.

The Cartune TV Network is looking for diversified, clean, positive programming from top creators to add variety, innovation, and imagination to their new channel. From animation, kids, pet lovers, animal-friendly, art, lifestyle, comedy, superheroes, music, education, game shows, new inventions, history, science, travel, cooking, crafts, DIYs, outdoor adventures, sports, extreme sports, entertainment genres, and more to join the Cartune TV Network family.

Cartune TV Network’s commitment is to positively impact as many lives as possible through producing, distributing, licensing, programming, syndication, advertising, integrated outreach programs, merchandising, and through our affiliated brands poised to be highly profitable for our investors, partners, sponsors, and advertisers.

Roku and Amazon Fire TV are two streaming platform heavyweights, with Roku having the highest TV streaming watch time worldwide!

Cartune TV Network invites the next generation of content creators & storytellers with big imaginations to submit a link to your amazing content to for review. We are now in the process of vetting content for our upcoming network launch in July 2022. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2022. The top submission will receive a FREE 3-month placement on the station.

Like the contestants on Shark Tank and American Idol, this could be your BIG Break! Your show might be the next overnight sensation on the Cartune TV Network.

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