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Filmmaker & Author, Terry C. Carney Sr. - A Story of Triumph and Social Impact

His documentary, "Put the Guns Down: A World Epidemic," produced by Ice-T, delves into the relationship between mental health and gun violence, bringing together insights from a broad spectrum of individuals, including celebrities, city officials, and victims of violent crimes, to spark discussions on mental health services and gun control legislation.

Founder of Platinum City Golden West Entertainment, Carney has earned the prestigious award “Fathers in Hip Hop Fatherhood Acknowledgement Award” which celebrates his positive influence as a father figure within the hip-hop community, and the TAF Dignitary Award of Supreme Excellence in 2024, presented to dignitaries, educators, and support staff, highlighting significant contributions to the community.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Carney's early years were riddled with challenges as his parents found strength in adversity by creating a stable home life for him and his siblings. After the family relocated to outside Oklahoma City, where survival was key, the realities of drug-related crime were ever-present. This environment, coupled with the harsh reality of two of his brothers' incarceration for murder, shaped Carney's understanding of the complexities of life on the fringes of society. By age 15, the family once again relocated, this time to Los Angeles. This was a turning point.

Embracing his passion for storytelling, Carney authored his first book and his latest film project. Carney's experiences as a father and grandfather significantly shape his narrative style, reflecting themes of redemption, resilience, and the human spirit. His dedication to addressing gun violence was galvanized by the tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle, a friend and collaborator, driving Carney to advocate for change through his art.

His collaboration with Cornell Ward, along with his affiliation with the office of Karen Bass, the Mayor of Los Angeles known for her focus on social issues, underscores Carney's commitment to extending the reach of his message.

A film screening tour is in the works which includes venues like the White House and the United Nations to facilitate dialogue and advocate for critical social issues on a global scale.

Terry Christopher Carney Sr.'s story is one of triumph over adversity, and his dedication to inspire makes him a pivotal figure in contemporary storytelling and social advocacy.

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