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  • Rachel Dares

Introducing Artist, Director, Producer and Brand Influencer, Hashim Lafond

Hashim Lafond is the artist, director, producer and brand influencer in Los Angeles,

California who everyone wants to know. As a renowned mural artist, Lafond’s large-

scale street art has attracted thousands of viewers to LA’s busiest spots such as the

famous Melrose Arts District, NBCUniversal and to businesses throughout the area who

have commissioned his works. Hashim, the triple threat, also acts in blockbuster movies

such as Ted 2, The Equalizer, and The Purge 3 as well as TV shows including: Forever,

The Mindy Project and This Is Us. Hashim’s success in producing versatile films is a

testament to his visual creativity and ability to attract a great audience through his

diverse artistic pursuits, for which he has gained thousands of followers as well as

interest and commissions from major brands like Nike and personalities such as Kevin

Hart and Ariana Grande.

While Hashim has built an incredible career in the art world, his foundation is firmly set

in the importance of family. His deep love for his wife Johnetta bloomed fifteen years

ago while they were still in art school in their hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, and

has only soared through the echelons of romance since then. He credits his upbringing

as one of nine siblings with his determination to see each member of his own family

flourish. Hashim and Johnetta currently have four children - Anaiah, Zariah, Yasir and

Zaire - and one on the way, and each member of the family actively participates in the

many activities they take on. Constantly pursued by baby-brands for ambassadorship,

Hashim and Johnetta are set to soon star on a reality television show with their talented

brood in tow.

Hashim studied Visual Arts at Boston Arts Academy and eventually auditioned for acting school at Emerson College, where he pursued acting and theatre education.

During his time in college, he was contacted to audition for Radio Disney in Boston. He traveled throughout New England hosting live interactive shows and concerts on the Disney Cruise Line, where he sharpened his hosting skills and developed the skills that create a great entertainer. “Everyone deserves to laugh, to have a good time, to feel like royalty,” he says, “that is the feeling of truly being entertained.”

Hashim’s career as an artist and muralist began in infancy. “My mother is an artist,” he

says, “everyone in my family can draw. My father would look seriously at the work we

would do as children and would tell me often to go back to the drawing board, which

helped me to significantly finesse my skills.” Hashim’s murals and portraits of great

black men like Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and the recently bereaved Kobe

Bryant have captivated thousands of fans on a daily basis and serve as tourist

attractions in the city of Los Angeles. His work has been commissioned by NBC for the

Steve Harvey Show, and by a great number of successful businesses such as sneaker

shops and restaurants on Melrose Avenue who see a grand spike in traffic due to

these mural attractions. Hashim, moved deeply as an artist, family man, and

basketball fan, by the passing of Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna,

hosted both a vigil after the late basketball star’s passing and an impromptu live

mural painting of the much-loved Bryant.

Hashim’s art, focusing thus-far on culture, music, sports has decorated the most

sought-after walls, serving to brighten and attract people from all over the world

while making the streets of Los Angeles much more pleasing to the eye. Hashim’s

talent as a producer and film editor has celebrity clientele like Apryl Jones using his

work exclusively for her private projects. His pursuits as an actor are a testament to

his dedication in perfecting every facet of his craft as a true artist, and he will soon

bring those talents to radio in his latest endeavor - a show titled, “The Hashim Lafond

Podcast.” Hashim and Johnetta, their love and support for each other, surrounded by

their four (soon to be five) happy and beautiful children, are the unstoppable couple

to watch in 2020.

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