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Introducing Darci Collins of Spectrum Wellness

Darci Collins a health and lifestyle guru and one of the OC’s leading functional nutritional therapy practitioners and owner/co-founder of Spectrum Wellness Solutions in Irvine, California.

Darci’s greatest passion is improving people’s lives. That is why she devoted her work full-time to do just that. At Spectrum Wellness, Darci and her partner and co-founder Linda Talamo use the latest innovative technology to help clients with weight loss, accelerated healing, pain relief, anti-aging and anti-stress therapy, immune system support, and beyond.

Darci was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in San Francisco, CA. Her love for health and wellness began early when her mother got diagnosed with breast cancer. “It led me on a path to stay well myself and find ways for me to help people around me.”

Before undertaking a career in health and wellness, Darci had a highly stressful job in the financial industry. It was taking a toll on her physically. The symptoms were so severe that, at times, Darci could not breathe. After years of doctor visits, they finally concluded that it was stress-related. As a result, Darci decided to take matters into her hands and transformed her lifestyle. “I changed everything I was doing in my life including walking away from a lucrative career.”

After completing her functional nutritional therapy practitioner education, Darci spent years helping clients with serious health issues such as cancer, diabetes, and traumatic brain injuries. She is also a wealth of knowledge about food, nutrition, and functional wellness.

Her entrepreneurial spirit flourished when she partnered up with Linda Talamo, a business pioneer, and owner of Hera Hub Irvine, a female-focused spa-inspired coworking space.

They launched Spectrum Wellness Solutions at the Hera Hub Irvine in 2020, offering all-inclusive health and therapeutic services.

From diet to fitness to sleep to hydration to mental wellness, Spectrum Wellness Solutions focuses on providing solutions for a broad spectrum of physical and mental health issues, hence the name.

At Spectrum Wellness Solutions, practitioners utilize state of the art technology from light, energy, frequency, and vibration, such as Red Light Therapy (also known as Photobiomodulation), Celluma, Healy, and Qest, to help with fat-melting, anti-aging, pain, recovery, wrinkle reduction, skin issues such as acne, and much, much more.

Because of the peaceful and tranquil environment, Spectrum Wellness has become a place of sanctuary and retreat. “Once they walk in, they don’t want to leave.”

When asked about what satisfies Darci in her work, she replied, “when people feel better and meet their goals. To me, it’s all about them.”

In addition to owning one of Southern California’s most successful wellness centers, Darci loves spending time with her grandchildren, walking and hiking, and continuously expanding her health and wellness knowledge.

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