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Introducing Irene Eclavea, CEO & President of Elevate DragonFly

Infusing her music artistry, fervent ambition with the positive inspiration she draws from her faith, Irene Eclavea is a shining testimony of the commitment it takes to pursue one’s dreams and goals and the utmost desire that comes from serving a higher purpose than your own. Her journey from church choir singer to a variety of professions in the service industry and as an entrepreneur was anything but predictable and she doesn’t take her recent success for anything less than a blessing from many years of dedication and perseverance.

If you thought you couldn’t do it all, meet Irene Eclavea and think again. Inspired, driven, and motivated she is a brilliant powerhouse ready to take on the world. Irene’s ambitious spirit believes in dreaming big.

Born and raised in La Verne, CA, Irene lived a fulfilling childhood. Learning about concert choirs and musical aspects at a young age influenced her to participate in musical performances. Singing practically her entire life in choir and ministry, she was also a member of the dance group “Ladies in Motion” which taught her the true art of performing in front of live audiences. In college, she took part in theater. Irene has been a part of the performing arts and musical world from the very start and although one of her biggest challenges was stage fright, it did not stop her from moving forward and being a part of the growth of who she is today.

As a lifelong learner in the pursuit of knowledge, Irene is a Renaissance woman. Accomplished in both the arts and sciences, Irene is a registered dental assistant, licensed vocational nurse, licensed in property and casualty insurance, a high school teacher and adult instructor, and more. But it doesn’t stop there. She is also the president of the network consulting firm, Elevate DragonFly. With a plethora of professions, Irene believes that “once you reach a level where you feel it’s time for growth, there’s no reason for one to just stop there. Why not do everything we always thought we can do?”

Experiencing and overcoming challenging obstacles of life, Irene knew that there was more to the four walls that surrounded her. Singing in the ministry for about 15 years taught her to apply scriptures into reality; learning to “let go and let God” all in the faith and strength provided by God. For Irene, the entertainment industry was career-driven first. Gathering all her knowledge and skills from her professions, she applied it to the influence of her networking business. Invited to attend the BET awards, Irene experienced her first few seconds of fame on TV. What “felt like heaven on earth”, as she describes, she was surrounded by amazing talents such as Blueface and Rihanna. Feeling like she could “breathe for the first time” ignited her journey of what we know as Elevate DragonFly today.

Being born the Year of the Dragon is a part of Irene’s inspiration for the brand name. The design of the dragonfly intertwined with a flower but allowing the dragonfly itself to elevate is related to their mission: to elevate all of God’s people at the same time. Irene explains “with one, we fall and as a colony, we rise. It’s about what the people of heaven’s wealth has given [me] and the relationships of everybody to work together and everybody rise. And with elevate, it’s just that. It’s about leading by faith.” Her goal as a network producer is to build strong, ever-lasting connections and mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships for people to network together. One of her many projects focuses on holding conferences on women empowerment.

Irene boasts of the women behind the scenes that have been the wind beneath her wings, her business partner, friend & confidant, Qiana Williams. Her mentor, Jet Sison, President of Capital Holdings, and her circle of powerful women prayer warriors, Krystal Jacobs, Chavon Bell, Sarina Murphy, and Lora Nagy.

Aside from network building, it’s all about perspective for Irene; the world is her business. She strongly believes that it is all about how you start your day and one of the best things she has been told is “you have to get ready to be ready.” Her boisterous energy is contagious, and she is just getting started.

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