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Introducing Ivan Maldonado

Ivan Maldonado is a prominent business accelerator investor that provides startups with the tools needed to enable rapid, exponential growth and success. Based in Orange County, California, he seeks entrepreneurs who possess unique, disruptive ideas and aim to convert these ideas into thriving, global businesses.

A graduate of Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Finance, Economics, Ivan Maldonado is a serial entrepreneur, business owner, and investor based out of Orange County, CA who has turned his imagination into dollars. Currently owning several staffing agencies, restaurants and an insurance brokerage—Ivan has created success time after time with innovative ideas that have made him an expert in the field of turning drive into cash!

For years working in various industries, Ivan has become a self-made successful businessman. Through strong employee retention, and stronger partnerships and connections, and owning several thriving companies; he looks to substantiate the knowledge, skill sets and experiences he has acquired by mentoring the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. Through his YEN (Young Entrepreneurs Network) intensive workshops, Ivan will help foster the new wave of entrepreneurs in navigating the rough waters of starting and sustaining their own companies from start-up ideas to well-developed business models. He intends not just to invest his time but also his money, in funding dreams with the tools & resources they need to establish, manage & grow their businesses successfully.

Starting out, Ivan began in commission-based sales positions, steering through the obstacles. He developed and crafted his skills, gaining experiences and invaluable insights on how companies grow and thrive through various challenges thrown at them. As an entrepreneur who has experienced both epic wins and losses, Ivan knows all too well what it takes to alleviate avoidable mistakes and pitfalls. Having seen both sides of the coin, he helps others learn about entrepreneurship so they can become successful entrepreneurs themselves!

At a time where new ideas and a hand up are needed more than ever, Ivan champions the next generation with his vision for positive change through entrepreneurialism. His passion for people separates him from the rest; pushing others to be the best version of themselves while inspiring them to achieve any dream or goal they set.

Watch out for his new website at coming soon!

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