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Introducing Juniper Jillian Joy

Updated: May 16

Juniper Jillian Joy, formerly known as Tammie Shannon, is a Renaissance woman of the twenty-first century. Joy is most known for having two successful careers, one as a soulful Nashville Recording Blues Artist Singer/Songwriter while, also managing her own business, Shannon Success Strategies, as a life coach and financial strategist creating niche strategies for her high-net-worth clients focusing on tax-free retirement solutions as well as teaching business leaders how to use intentions targeted at the inner child experience to build and grow their businesses and most recently, a book author.

Juniper Jillian Joy has spent the last seven years traveling the world researching the human body and emotional response systems, as well as how trauma, negative stimuli, and other damaging conditions affect the emotional response systems. During her many years of travel and interactions with doctors, educators, and research she discovered she had the potential to heal her inner child from previous traumatic experiences.

Juniper Jillian Joy was raised in northeast Arkansas. She grew up Pentecostal, conditioned to

believe that if she wore pants, put on makeup, or cut her hair, she was dishonoring God. She

was sexually assaulted by a close family friend when she was 12 years old. She was

emotionally stifled as a result of this heinous act.

“My father withdrew from me leaving me to feel unloved, dirty, and unworthy of his love. This

caused many issues in my relationships with men because I was never really able to trust

myself which left me unable to trust anyone else. My non-existing relationship with my father

caused lifelong damage to my inner child and emotional state of mind that I ended up dating

and married to men that were narcissistic, controlling, verbally or physically abusive. I felt as if I

were a possession and my voice, at home, was stifled completely out. It wasn’t until I lost 18lbs,

my hair started falling out, and I ended up in the hospital literally dying from abuse and

unhappiness that I became aware of the seriousness of the situation I was really in and that,

was my wake-up call! I knew, if I didn’t change my life, right then, I would be dead within a year.

I needed to become the change I wanted to see in my life and the lives of my daughters.”

Juniper Jillian Joy divorced her verbally abusive, controlling spouse in 2015 and began working

on herself to change her life by exploring ways to repair her emotionally stunted inner child. She

employed strategies from her own healing journey to help her clients heal from their own inner

traumas as she healed from her own scars. The outcomes were nothing short of miraculous.

She began writing books to create a roadmap for readers to direct their intentions toward their

inner child for healing in order to live a joyful successful life. This inspired her most recent book,

The First Story of Intention: The Introduction to the Inner Child.

The First Story of Intention… is the first installment of a series and it begins with a fascinating

fable based on fantasy fiction and talks about two sisters. Sara, who is three, represents the

inner child, while Cindy, her five-year-old sister, represents the conditioned adult. “My lovely

book is written using science, spirituality, emotion, the Bible, my humor, and seven years of

daily notes to cure my inner child so that I could become whole and unified with myself, unified

with God, Mother Earth, and all beings of love and light. Just like me, my books are

sophisticated, complex, and yet, simple. Every term, item, and concept in my works have at

least 20 levels of meaning but are easy for everyone to understand.”

Juniper Jillian Joy’s mission with The First Story of Intention… “is to establish a precedent; to

lead with compassion, kindness, honor, nobility, truth, respect, integrity, and support for self and

others. We are all sick and tired of living in a world dominated by greed, fear, and bullying! It is

high time for everyone in the world to know God’s true intentions for all of us while experiencing

God's unconditional love so that love can grow within ourselves, expand out into our families,

friends and communities all over the world so that we may all heal.”

As a channel and messenger of God, Joy, teaches, guides, and shares God’s unconditional love

via intentional, conscious living to heal the inner child of everyone who desires to be the change

they want to see in their life.

“When we accept responsibility for ourselves, as I did, we have the ability to change ourselves,

which in turn transforms everything in the world around us.”

The series will eventually be available in a number of languages, ensuring that no matter what

language you speak or read, you will be able to heal your inner child traumas and experience

the pleasure, happiness, love, and prosperity that we all so richly deserve.

The First Story of Intention: The Introduction to the Inner Child is available soon on Amazon and

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