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Introducing Linda Talamo

Linda Talamo is the owner/founder, chief connector and community ambassador of Hera Hub Irvine, a collaborative coworking and meeting space, as well as owner/co-founder of Spectrum Wellness Solutions.

As a 3rd generation entrepreneur, Linda comes from a long line of visionaries and leaders. She attended high school in Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Business, focusing on Finance and Accounting.

Being a wife, mother, teacher, and entrepreneur, Linda is highly ambitious and the epitome of the type A-over-achiever, always spinning many plates at once. She reaches far and high, and has repeatedly proven that one can achieve their goals with a plan, a goal and a lot of hard work and persistence.

“I’m a planner and an executor. I love to get things done and check the boxes. Once I have an idea, I gather info, analyze and vet it, if it appears feasible and worthwhile, I make a plan, set goals, and execute. I am not a procrastinator, not a day-dreamer, I’m a day-doer, all day, every day… and most nights too.”

Positive mindset, laser-focused, and above average endurance, Linda possesses all the necessary elements to become a successful entrepreneur. Her efficient leadership and highly effective organization skills allowed her to steer multiple companies toward great success. She took over many executive roles, such as VP of Operations, Director of HR, Director of Real Estate Services, Chairman of Employee Development Task Force, and many more. In addition, she founded and presided over her own niche market HR company that spanned nearly two decades with several branches across the country.

Like any other entrepreneur, Linda has faced many hardships and challenges. Her journey toward entrepreneurship was fueled by her disappointing experiences as an employee. “My extreme efforts were never appreciated, acknowledged or compensated, so I knew I had to apply that zeal and dedication to my own business where my plans and ideas could be tested and implemented, and the payoff and rewards had greater potential,” she recalls. Her steadfast and determined attitude allowed her to overcome her challenges and establish a flourishing and prosperous career.

In 2019, Linda became the owner of Hera Hub in Irvine, successfully launching one of the most desirable coworking spaces in Orange County.

While open to all, Hera Hub is female-focused. It provides unparalleled resources for women entrepreneurs allowing their world-changing ideas to foster in a spa-like coworking environment. For many, it is also a sanctuary for mindful moments where members can, retreat, recharge, refocus, and support one another. It is the perfect place for women to gain inspiration and encouragement. “They come here to absorb the undeniable energy and inspiration they feel when they walk in. Members are able to focus and be very productive. They say it is their happy place,” Linda says.

Along the way, Linda wanted to expand options at Hera Hub Irvine, so she invited member, Darci Collins, a health and wellness expert, to partner up with her to launch Spectrum Wellness Solutions, a holistic health and wellness center. Spectrum Wellness Solutions provides a full spectrum of therapies that help people deal with mental, physical, and emotional health issues using the latest non-invasive technologies available.

“I have always had a strong interest in health and wellness, and being a pre-med student early on in college, I worked in the health industry for several years early in my career. Now, with this venture, I have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience in the health field, and help many women feel well and function optimally, so they can achieve their business and personal goals. It is a perfect combination for me. I love every aspect of both endeavors.”

Linda has a passion for serving others and inspiring women to grow both professionally and personally. With the integration of Hera Hub and Spectrum Wellness Solutions, Linda has accomplished that and much more.

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