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  • Rachel Dares

Introducing Nuzuna Wellness Centers

Nuzuna Wellness Centers formerly Nuzuna Zone Fitness is not like any other gyms. At Nuzuna, we have a clear vision: to focus on every individual and strive to help them achieve lifelong good health.

Founded in 2018 by Charles Laverty, Nuzuna Wellness Centers is leading the world by implementing innovative ways to improve fitness. We use groundbreaking electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) technology accompanied by a specialized workout carefully conceived by our world-class team of top physical therapists and elite fitness trainers with decades of experience.

EMS was applied 2000 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks as a form of pain management. They used to attach eels and other electricity-producing fish to their body to numb their pain. Scientists later discovered that electric current can create muscle contractions.

This ancient method still works today. We just developed a way to use the same principle and implement it by creating an all-inclusive solution with many first-to-market attributes in our proprietary EMS technology and training systems. Our revolutionary wireless EMS bodysuit sends out mid-range frequency throughout the body, activating 90% of the muscle fibers. Incorporating the suit with your physical exercise makes you engage twice as many muscle fibers, which exceedingly enhances your workouts.

EMS has many benefits, including expediting recovery, enhancing strength and muscle endurance, reducing joint pain, improving blood flow, helping with weight loss, reducing and preventing back pain, and many more. It achieves all that with low impact, minimizing injury risks, making it great for the elderly and anyone who suffered an injury or disability.

From Yoga classes, physical therapy to individual/group sessions, here at Nuzuna, we care about your personal progress, and lifelong optimal health. We strive to evolve, push the boundary and set a higher standard in the fitness industry. For these reasons, the Nuzuna family keeps growing every day, with new locations opening soon throughout Southern California, and with already high demands nationwide.

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