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Introducing Ron Jones, Candidate for California Governor

Updated: May 19, 2022

A former military officer and retired law enforcement commander, helicopter pilot, a pastor, and security/organizational management consultant, Ronald E. Jones has taken the oath to defend our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic three times in his 34 years of public service. This year, he is working to become the next governor of California. Ron Jones grew up in Renton, Washington, as one of six children. He credits his strong work ethic to his parents. His father Gene, a Tennessee native, was pulled out of school in third grade to work on the family farm. He was working three jobs when Jones was born. His mother Rita was raised in Washington and worked tirelessly as a supermarket meat wrapper. After earning his high school diploma, Jones enlisted in the Army as a military policeman, went into flight training, and became a helicopter pilot. These early accomplishments were driven by my desire to excel and make my parents proud as if my accomplishments were their own. - Ron Jones​ With pride in his accomplishments, Jones was never one to rest. Instead, he refocused on school, taking classes through the extension campuses on the military base. Jones went on to earn an associate degree from Pierce College in Washington, a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Bethel Christian College in California, and a master's degree in ministry from Southern California Christian College in California. Jones is also a graduate of California's prestigious P.O.S.T Command College.

Throughout his education and time in the military, Jones became a well-regarded leader and held responsibility for aviation operations, crime prevention, and unit training. He has also spent nearly twenty-four years with the California Highway Patrol, promoting through the ranks from officer to commander, before retiring in 2011. Jones has spent much of his life serving the public interest, as well as developing and maintaining intergovernmental relationships to provide open dialogue and meaningful relationships with other community leaders as Commander.

One of Jones' proudest accomplishments is conceiving, developing, and implementing the regional CHP traffic safety program "Life in the Fast Lane," which educates drivers on traffic laws, safe driving practices, common courtesy, and common sense. It was later adopted by the CHP headquarters in Sacramento as a statewide initiative.

Jones also worked tirelessly to bridge public safety and modern technology. He developed and published the first CHP Command website to provide local communities access to his office, skilled staff, and professional services. The website included the "Ask the Traffic Wizard" program, which allowed people to email his office directly to ask traffic-related questions.

"As a result of my extensive military and law enforcement experience, I understand the perspectives of those who are governed, those who govern, and the laws they govern by."

His roles and responsibilities in aviation, law enforcement, and command positions required solid decision-making abilities, an understanding of policies, procedures, laws, regulations, and the courage to do the right thing at the right time. With a "from the ground up" hands-on approach to his professional relationships and interactions, Jones values quality civic engagement and searches for ways to improve his community.

"I have a strong desire and passion for bringing California into a place of national and global leadership. I will champion the cause of freedom and our inalienable rights."

A strong defender of the U.S. Constitution, Jones is working to ensure that parents have the right and ability to choose their children's medical and educational paths.

"Parents are the guardians of their own children, not the state."

Jones is pro-business and economic growth and will work with the legislature to find viable solutions to funding needed programs while bringing tax relief to Californians.

"I will support law enforcement and public safety to bring safety back to our streets and businesses."

Not one to wait to be called into action, Jones' immediate plans when he becomes California governor include:

  • ​Restore order and revoke Governor Newsom’s unconstitutional executive orders.

  • Declare a state of emergency and suspend the Measure A gas tax to help Californians with soaring gas prices.

  • Restructure taxes for seniors so they can viably retire in California, the state they helped create.

  • Protect parental rights regarding school and medical choice.

  • Fund police departments and address the state's high recidivism rates.

  • Recreate a positive business environment to strengthen and reinvigorate California businesses after the effects of the pandemic.

  • Work with environmental groups and California Fire agencies to draft a fire prevention plan that prevents the massive fires that have plagued our state.

Jones is married to his wife, Laura Newman-Jones. He has three adult children and nine grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys BBQing, doing projects around the house with Laura, and taking family hikes with their dogs.

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