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Michelle Patterson’s LOVEFEST2020 - The Real Share Movement

Michelle Patterson is thrilled to announce the Global Live-Streamed LOVEFEST2020, where anyone and everyone is invited to share and receive the love and be a part of The Real Share Global Family, a new innovative way to share content, interact and gain exclusive access to the launch of Michelle Patterson’s new jam! The awe-inspiring event starts on Saturday, May 2, 2020 at 6:00am PST and will continue into Sunday morning. This event will feature an extraordinary list of tremendously successful authors, motivational speakers, and self-made entrepreneurs including, Jack Canfield, Sharon Lechter, Cynthia Kersey, J.V. Crum III, Dr. Bill Dorfman and many more!

During the event, the visionary Michelle Patterson will spotlight her Patterson Playbook and her wellness team family. She will present the Real Share “You’ve Been SHARED Awards” to businesses, advocates, and thought leaders in the health and wellness fields and people who show up in love and not fear.

Michelle’s remarkable story began on April 15th, 2019, when she was diagnosed with Stage-4 breast cancer. “I was told a year ago I had 90 days to live. Instead, I decided to live all out celebrating my best year on the planet. I am now celebrating a birthday I was told I wouldn’t see. When you love on life - life loves you back.”

Michelle was in charge of the California Women’s Conference, the nation’s preeminent conference for women, for more than a decade. The conference hosts over two hundred prominent thought leaders ranging from the Dalai Lama to Oprah to Arianna Huffington. In turn, Michelle had over 18,000 submissions to speak and share her insights at the conference. “When we start sharing what we know and speaking up about what we need, we will be able to navigate through anything that comes our way. We are curating conversations without judgement, fear tactics, or stigmas.”

Michelle learned how to rely on her wellness team family when she had that ‘WTF moment’ when she was informed about her diagnosis. We all have those WTF moments in life - it’s up to you to create your safe playground and own your wellness! Momma bears won’t take the oxygen mask and put it on ourselves but we will do it for our children. LOVEFEST is that oxygen mask.”

LOVEFEST2020 will be the virtual playground that connects families for sharing, learning, connection, while having fun! The event which will also be held on Michelle’s 50th Birthday, will include artists, musicians, yoga, meditation, storytelling, dancing, wellness protocols for diseases, world changing practitioners and much more. “The Real Share is crowdsourcing miracles and joining geniuses so that we can have conversations without fear tactics or stigmas or judgment - just sharing what we know with the people we love.” 100% of the donations are going to “I decided to use my birthday as an opportunity to bring people together.”

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