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  • Rachel Dares

Public Relations: Making Your Business A Big deal

Building and promoting a business takes a great deal of effort, especially in its early stages. While marketing efforts help create awareness and push a company’s brand name out into the masses, it is

sometimes not enough to reach their intended audience.

Multiple similar instances leave a gap between an organization and the masses, and public relations helps to bridge it. Public relations or PR is used extensively by market players in different industries;

however, they are often unclear about the function it serves.

This blog post will help familiarize yourself with the concept and clarify what PR is and why it is essential for your business.

What is Public Relations?

Public relations builds on existing marketing communication to maintain or enhance a positive brand image for your business. It performs this role through media relations, community relations, and when necessary, crisis/reputation management. PR helps in solidifying visibility and builds credibility through strategic communication which then, creates brand awareness and loyalty within the company’s target audience and the masses.

Why Public Relations Is Important for Your Business?

PR can benefit your business in many ways and it is an integral part to your company’s growth.

1. Boosts Awareness

PR is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, especially for small or medium-sized businesses that cannot get past the market saturation to establish their message. Since PR deploys strategic partnerships through media communications, it has a higher reception rate.

Therefore, having a strong PR team working for your company to deliver information through

print media (newspaper, magazine), the news or broadcast media (radio and television), and the internet (social media, blogs, podcasts, etc.,) will help to increase your communication effectiveness and reach, boosting your company’s presence on and offline.

2. Builds Credibility

When consumers hear or watch organizations, celebrities, or influencers they follow talk positively about your business, they develop a similar view of your brand. Hence, public relations helps build up business credibility among a company’s target audience.

Establishing credibility is the first step towards earning and building trust, which leads to an increase in brand relationships and brand equity.

3. Targeted Communication Approach

Since PR uses interests to filter out relevant communication partners and brand ambassadors, its reach is lower than that of mass communication channels. However, this approach also ensures that PR has a higher reach among the target audience, increasing its ROI.

4. Reinforces Positive Brand Image

With expert knowledge of message placement and frequency, public relations experts develop strategies to optimize communications. They alter messaging to fit the channel, space it out to prevent redundancy, and make it relevant to reinforce the positive brand image.

The strategic placements are essential as it helps publicists make the communication appear organic, thus boosting the chance of customers purchasing the product or service.

5. Generates Conversations and Engagement

Finally, public relations is one of the most effective ways of generating conversations and engagement. While the audience engages with content published by brands, they are even more likely to engage with content posted by their favorite celebrities, influencers, publications, content creators, etc.

Engagement is linked directly to higher brand awareness and top of mind (TOM) recall, both of which are highly beneficial for your business.

Final Thoughts

In short, the public relations function is critical to your business’ success, and working with an

experienced publicist will help boost your company’s business performance and image.

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