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Scott Howard Releases Highly Anticipated Album, “The Language of Clouds”

Following the tremendous success of his latest album “Ascended Man,” which garnered an astounding 6.4 million streams on Facebook, Scott Howard is proud to announce the release of his new highly anticipated studio and live album The Language of Clouds. The digital release date will be on Monday, May 11, 2020 with pre-orders available now at:

The new album reveals the next chapter of Scott’s spiritual experience, in which he invites Awakening fans to share in an awe-inspiring journey to raise their frequency. With his mind-opening words and mesmerizing rhythms, Scott transports his listeners into a higher dimension as he continues to perform his upcoming music in 432 Hz.

While his music ignites the heart & soul of the listeners, the new album has also won high praises from critics long before its official release.

“Written in the Clouds,” says Planet Singer, “the title track from the upcoming album The Language of Clouds, is a true piece of art. The track starts with a beautiful introduction that frames perfectly the warm and colorful voice of Scott that thanks to his outstanding performance behind the microphone guides us in this journey. The chorus, like the whole song, carries a very important message for everyone to listen, wake up, and find your way.”

Through his soul touching vocals & entrancing acoustic chords, his songs “Harvest Blessings,” “Queen of Hearts,” & “Dreamer” explore the forces of love, pain and healing to help manifest world change. During these trying times, people are searching for meaning and hope, and “The Language of Clouds” in 432 Hz is the perfect conduit to help us explore that region of our mind and deliver the ultimate meaning of our existence.

For those reasons, Scott has developed a significant following at home and abroad as his music resonates with anyone who is on the quest to enlightenment. Scott will be taking his tour online with the “World Ascension Tour in 432 Hz” set to broadcast in May. This virtual concert will be the first of its kind as Scott shares a new genre of music from “Source” to an audience around the globe via livestream.

The Language of Clouds will be available Monday, May 11 on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer & all major streaming outlets.

Limited edition vinyls are set to be released Summer 2020 along with a photo compilation

e-book taken by Scott over a 5-year exploration of the 5D cloud realm of worlds within worlds.

Scott is also introducing his Ascension432weaR clothing line featuring multi-functional face shields with crystals to aid in manifestation, protection & healing.


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